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Pubs and Clubs
Carpe Noctum @ 1 in 12 (more info)
21 - 23 Albion Street, Bradford BD1 2LY (map)

Admission: 2.50 non-members / 3.50 Rest of the Universe Second Saturday of the Month 21:00 -
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Goth
Facilities: Cheap Beer, err, Really cheap beer!
Review: A friendly non-clicky goth night. An alternative to your usual Temple of Love twice nightly, but not so obscure as to put you off.

Submitted: 2003-03-02 00:50:40
Information supplied by Dave Smart Carpe Noctum

Bradford Rio's (more info)
Thorn House, Woodhead Road, Bradford BD7 1TD (map)
Tel: 01274 735549

Admission: 3 Friday & Saturday 8pm - 2am
Venue: Nightclub / Gigs
Music: Rock, Metal, Alternative & Industrial
Drinks: Average
Facilities: Three bars, Big dance floor & Pool Tables
Review: Cool place, especially on the smaller gig nights when they don't have a barrier and you can stagedive! You get the usual bunch of idiots who like to slam into each other on the dance floor bit it's big enough for that to be avoided. (You wuss *grin* 'The Ed')
Other: Hosts a lot of gigs including (in the past) Fear Factory, Carcass, Bruce Dickinson, Paradise Lost, W.A.S.P. etc. You can make requests but th DJ never plays any of them unless he was going to anyway! Luckily the music is generally pretty good so it's not too bad.
These comments relate to my experience of Rio's from 1994-1995. Things may have changed a bit but a friend there says it's much the same

Submitted: April 1999
Information supplied by Hopkins Witchfinder Records
Last update: September 2000

Threshold Shift gig @ Brewery Tap (more info)
Idle village, Bradford BD10 (map)

Admission: Free 22:00 - last orders
Venue: Pub
Music: Punk
Review: Good Punk/Rock alternative pub, friendly atmosphere

Submitted: 2005-01-15 19:13:48
Information supplied by Threshold Shift Threshold Shift

s'Tumblers @ Hortons Bar (more info)
Great Horton Road, Bradford

Admission: 4/3 Saturday 10.00 - 2.00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Punk / Alternative / Indie
Facilities: Dancefloor, Bar, Pool Table, Toilets what more do you need.
Review: Begins 25th Sept 04
Other: Attempting to revive the heady days of Tumbler's (hence the name). A classic indie/punk/alternative night.

Submitted: 2004-09-17 15:44:02
Information supplied by Dave Owen

The Empress (more info)
off Centenary Square, Bradford

Admission: free Daily -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: pool tables, free jukebox, dance floor / stage
Review: The Empress is a friendly pub located in the city centre of Bradford. By day it is your typical city pub, brimming with colourful locals, and by night it is Yorkshire's premier (and by far the heaviest) Rock Pub.
Other: Every weekend there are quality gigs.

Submitted: 2002-07-08 22:24:16
Information supplied by Jax

The Market Tavern (more info)
78 Godwin Street Kirkgate, Bradford BD1 3PT (map)

Admission: from 3 -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative / Ska/Ska Punk
Other: A New Pub in Bradford City Centre brought to you by the owners of Bradford Rio specifically designed for small and developing bands to plays gigs.

Submitted: 2002-05-11 19:50:35
Information supplied by Matt Excell The Xtreme Lounge

Live Gigs @ The Barge (more info)
Mill Lane, Brighouse HD6 1PA (map)

Admission: Free Thursday Friday Saturday & Sunday Afternoons 9.15 - 11.30
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Alternative / Irish / RnB
Facilities: Top Bands play live on stage
Review: Excellent venue

Submitted: 2004-04-28 22:20:30
Information supplied by Julian Hadala

Metal Club @ The Zoo Bar (more info)
King Cross Rd, Halifax

Admission: 4 Friday / Saturday 20:00 - 03:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Punk / Alternative / Nu-Metal, Ska
Facilities: Cheap-ish Bar Tiny Dancefloor Extensive outside Beer Garden Hilarious toilets Access to RnB and HardHouse affiliated clubs Live bands some Sat nights
Review: Friendly - except for some of the HardHouse lot cruising for trouble. Quite a few young 'uns, but that might be good... The drinks are reasonably priced. Live music is no extra cost. DJs play a varied and request-heavy set (in other words - good music)
Other: The ONLY place to go in Halifax if you're not an idiot.

Submitted: 2002-04-05 00:47:14
Information supplied by J Hirst thesevenmachine

Necroscope @ West Riding (more info)
ALBION STREET, Huddersfield HD1 2NW (map)

Admission: free entry every Thursday 8:00PM - 11:00PM
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Goth
Facilities: Cheap drinks, pool table, toilets
Review: alternative pub with a friendly atmosphere and good music. Come along on a Thursday for Huddersfield's only proper metal night, with DJ Dave playing the best in old school rock, goth and metal.
Other: Visit our website for more info, and register for our forums.

Submitted: 2004-07-12 20:58:09
Information supplied by Luci Herbert Necroscopemetal

Chrome (more info)
Low Mill Lane, Keighley BD21 4PD (map)

Admission: free 7 - 2.00am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: AOR / Rock / Metal
Facilities: will be having bands on after Christmas 2004. Pool table
Review: Very friendly and all requests get played

Submitted: 2004-11-09 09:17:39
Information supplied by Annabel G

Skeletal Family @ Victoria Hall (more info)
Hardings Rd, Keighley BD21 (map)

Admission: 7.50 19:30 - 02:00
Music: Goth

Submitted: 2003-11-29 09:56:52
Information supplied by Trotwood

Oblivion / Black Sheep @ Bar Phono (more info)
Merrion Centre, Leeds

Admission: 2 b4 11pm on Sat Sat / Sun 21:00/19:00 - 02:00/11:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Alternative
Facilities: Toilets, 1 male, 1 female
Review: Cozy, friendly place with offers on drinks.
Other: Sunday is members only unless you know someone who can sign you in. Saturday, it is THE alternative place in Leeds, giving the best cross section of genres for a one room club. Always likely to meet new people, and hear new music

Submitted: 2002-06-22 12:35:42
Information supplied by Mark Bar Phono

Garage @ Cockpit/Rocket Venue (more info)
, Leeds

Admission: 5 - 1 off with NUS Saturday 11pm -
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Retro / Rock / Metal / Goth / Punk / Alternative

Submitted: 13th of January 2001

Star @ Leeds University Union (more info)
Leeds town center, Leeds

Admission: 3.50 on the door, 3 adv Friday 9:30pm - 3am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: 2 rooms - 1 heavier: metal (inc nu metal) etc, 1 lighter: punk/ska etc, cheap bar, seating area, cloakroom, pool tables, arcade games
Review: very friendly people (possible due to cheap alcohol?!), relaxed, fun, popular with students

Submitted: 13th of January 2001

The Wendy House @ Leeds University Union (more info)
Leeds University Woodhouse lane Leeds, Leeds

Admission: 4.00 3rd Saturday of the month 21:00 - 02.30
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Alternative
Facilities: 1200 capacity state of the art venue with 2 bars, air conditioning and 2 floors of Dark Alternative music
Review: packed with people from all over the UK an unmissable electric party atmosphere
Other: Floor 1: DARK PARTY Alternative, 80's and Goth downstairs. Floor 2: MUTATE in the Hard Dance Industrial room upstairs! Open to everyone with no dress code.

Submitted: 2003-11-07 16:47:24
Information supplied by Glenn The Wendy House

Transpennine Excess Project @ Royal Park Cellars (more info)
Royal Park Road, Leeds

Admission: 3 2001-10-04 19:00 - 23:00
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: 100 capacity gig room in the Cellars, multi roomed bar upstairs
Review: Cosy

Submitted: 2001-09-06
Information supplied by Dave Sugden leedsmusicscene

BlackVeil @ The Adelphi (more info)
Dock Street, Leeds LS3 (map)

Admission: 2 - 4.50 Saturday 7pm - 12am
Venue: Pub
Music: Goth / Darkwave / Neofolk / Electro
Facilities: Bar, Toilets, Good Size dancefloor
Review: Great lighting and atmosphere.
Friendly Darkness in which to dwell
Other: for the Goth Hearted -The Blackest Goth/Darkwave/Neoflolk/Electro in Leeds

Submitted: 9th of February 2001
Information supplied by DJ De'Ath BlackVeil

Wendyhouse @ The Bassment (more info)
Wade Lane, Leeds LS2 8NJ (map)

Admission: 4 2nd Saturday of the month 9pm - 3am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Industrial / Goth / Alternative
Drinks: 1 pint Fosters, 75p selected spirits
Facilities: 400 capacity venue packed full of nutters, friendly bouncy people of all neon shades
Review: For a colourful night out with a Goth feel this is the big one and it's rapidly gaining a national following. Not strictly Goth, the Wendy House ethos is about dressing up, frolicking with like-minded playmates and getting down to some of the most grimly atmospheric alternative music from the '80s onwards. Warning - expect to see exotic costumes and outrageous characters. Don't bring your granny
Other: upcoming dates: 12 May (3rd Birthday party), 9 June

Submitted: 2000-05-01
Information supplied by Glenn The Wendyhouse
Last update: 2001-04-23

Hard To Handle @ The Bassment (more info)
Wade Lane, Leeds LS2 8NJ (map)

Admission: 4 early discounts 3rd Saturday (next 2001-05-19) 21:00 - 03:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Requests
Drinks: Cheap beer 1 Fosters etc early on!
Facilities: Usual toilets, dancefloor, bar
Review: Metaltastic - Friendly & mellow yet intense when the heavy stuff starts!
Other: Longest running rock/metal night in Leeds, new venue!!

Submitted: 2001-04-30
Information supplied by Pete Hard To Handle Hard To Handle

McDermotts (more info)
Cheapside, Wakefield
Tel: 01924 382202

Admission: ? Wednesday / Friday / Saturday Varies -
Venue: Pub / Nightclub
Music: Everything
Facilities: Large pub downstairs, pool, pinball, DJ. Nightclub/live venue upstairs, with DJ
Review: Very friendly, decent bouncers, one big happy family!
Other: Live music most weekends - rock tribute bands, student bands, punk bands - check website for online gig guide. Also good DJ/Bands on most wednesdays

Submitted: 2001-05-28

Poisoned Vein @ The Snooty Fox (more info)
, Wakefield

Admission: free 8.00pm - when all bands finish
Venue: Pub
Music: Retro / Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Gig room, Pool room
Review: Good Friendly

Submitted: 2004-08-16 15:24:27


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