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Pubs and Clubs

The Sugarmill (more info)

Admission: 4 Thursday / Friday 21:30 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Retro / Rock / Punk / Alternative / Indie
Facilities: Not the biggest of clubs, small bar and an upstairs seatin area with overlooking balcony.
Review: Great atmosphere on a friday night, mixed crows rangin froms students to olds
Other: Becomes shit when the mods & townies arrive

Submitted: 2002-04-02 02:34:32

Rock Alternative Night @ Bridgecross Club (more info)
Sankeys Corner, Burntwood

Admission: 4 Friday 19:30 - 23:00
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Nice Stage and Bar
Other: Local bands wanted for gigs - please email

Submitted: 2002-09-02 23:52:35

Burton on Trent
Abbracaddabra's (more info)
46-50 New Street, Burton on Trent

Admission: 3 21:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: AOR / Retro / Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Two rooms giving a total capacity of about a thousand people, 3 bars fully stocked to serve all your favourite drinks, hot food available,
Review: there is a good home crowd of around 3 to 400 people, but this increases on certain nights
Other: live bands aproximatly 2 times a month

Submitted: 2002-05-06 17:51:33
Information supplied by tim

Burton on Trent
The Attic (more info)
New Street, Burton on Trent

Admission: Yes Saturday -
Music: Metal
Drinks: Expensive
Review: The sound system in this place is something else

Submitted: August 2000
Information supplied by Penn

Burton upon Trent
Football Tavern (more info)
Burton Albion FC, Eton Park, Princess Street, Burton upon Trent DE14 (map)

Admission: varies varies -
Venue: Pub
Music: AOR / Retro / Rock
Facilities: Pub attached to Football Club. Has regular live bands, not always rock orientated, but especially classic rock style.
Review: Large open plan venue with stage at one end. Pool & fruit machines and excellent local brewed real ales plu lagers, cuders etc.
Other: Rock nights need support to encourage more bookings!!

Submitted: 2002-09-08 12:57:08
Information supplied by Ilson Brewer

Eddies (more info)
Edward St, Cannock

Admission: Thur / Fri / Sat / Sun -
Venue: Pub
Music: AOR / Retro / Rock / Punk / Alternative / blues
Facilities: 6 snooker tables, 3 pool tables, great juke box, wide range of beers (1.50 bitters, 1.80 lagers, 1.80 Newcastle), large function/concert room
Review: great

Submitted: 2002-06-20 12:06:07
Information supplied by Eddies Eddies

Live and Unleashed @ Maymies (more info)
Hemlock Way, Cannock WS11 7GF (map)

Admission: 5.00 20:00 - 01:30
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Punk / Alternative
Facilities: 2 rooms, seperate bars. 4 BANDS FOR THIS OPENING NIGHT!! Goldblade, The Blunts, The Big Hairs and Zombie Extras
Other: The first of a weekly gig night for alternative, punk and indie music. Named bands once a month, local talent in between.

Submitted: 2005-10-13 11:48:55
Information supplied by George Watson

Cottage of Content (more info)
, Chasetown

Admission: Free Thursday -
Venue: Pub
Music: Mainly AOR with a bit heavier stuff thrown in
Drinks: Cheap
Facilities: Rock DJ (The Custard Beast??!!)
Review: Always pretty good but sometimes gets unexplainably packed!!
Other: Biker friendly

Submitted: 12th of April 1999
Information supplied by Richard Faulkner

Chicos (more info)
Charles Street (behind the bus station), Hanley

Admission: 2 B4 10pm, 3 B4 11pm Saturday -
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Goth / Alternative
Drinks: Average / Expensive
Facilities: Small Dance floor, many seats, open minded DJ
Review: Always full of children 14yrs up usually but a good laugh if only to take the piss out of all the pretentious people....and the music is good, shame about the cost of drinks....
Other: Go there drunk and you will have a good time....No matter what age you are you will feel too old, or maybe thats just me!!

Submitted: April 1999-04-07
Information supplied by DarkAngel AngelWerx

Overkill @ Chicos (more info)
Charles St, Hanley

Admission: 3 Fridays 21:30 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal
Facilities: Cheap drinks
Review: V. Good atmosphere! Not the busiest night in the world but its cool as fuck!
Other: Live bands every week. Friendly DJ (me) and yes i do play requests. I try to play different tunes and bands from every other rock night out there. A refreshing change!

Submitted: 2002-03-26 15:24:13
Information supplied by Dan Razorwire

Rock City Stoke @ Rock City Stoke (held at the void) (more info)
Glass street, hanley ST4 6EF (map)

Admission: Friday 21:30 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Punk / Alternative / Indie
Facilities: Main room with bar and seating area. Good setup equipment wise.
Review: Anything like Rock city Nottingham and it will kick ass!
Other: cant stand the void, but it will kick ass when american hea charge is pouring out the speakers!

Submitted: 2002-05-19 22:43:57
Information supplied by Rock City Stoke The Void

Rock Night @ Sugarmills (more info)
, Hanley

Admission: 5 Saturday ? - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / bouncy metal
Facilities: Same as other enteries, for this place
Review: Was very dead when I went, but it was the 2nd nite since it started
Other: Just thought I'd let u know that they've now got a nite on Saturday so Chicos aint the only place anymore!

Submitted: 2002-12-16 19:38:41
Information supplied by Wench

The Sugarmill (more info)
, Hanley

Admission: -
Venue: Venue
Music: Rock / Alternative
Other: Bands play

Submitted: May 1999

The Sugarmill (more info)
Brunswick Street, Hanley

Admission: 3 - 5 Monday / Thursday / Friday 22:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Retro / Rock / Punk / Alternative / MOD
Facilities: Not the biggest of clubs, small bar and an upstairs seatin area with overlooking balcony.
Review: Atmosphere is usally good especially friday nights. Recently its become a MOD/Townie club and has veered downhill
Other: Lose the MOD music n ppl will come back

Submitted: 2002-04-05 03:20:02
Information supplied by Gypo

rock disco @ tackeroo (more info)
bracken close, Hednesford ws124du (map)

Admission: free Sundays 21:00 - 23:00
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal
Facilities: good dance area
Review: great night out and getting better
Other: every sunday night with top American DJ Two Tone Tyrone

Submitted: 2003-04-27 12:23:52
Information supplied by geoff tackeroo

Geoff Summerfield @ Tackeroo (more info)
Bracken close, Hednesford ws12.4du (map)

Admission: 5 fridays 9.00pm - 11.00pm
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative / tribute bands
Facilities: Dance area holds 200
Review: great
Other: cantonese restaurant and takeaway on site

Submitted: 2003-05-21 13:13:04
Information supplied by tackeroo

Dark Fusion @ Rugby Club (more info)
, Lichfield

Admission: 5 Friday or Saturday 19:00 - 11:00
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Car Parking / Bar
Review: Sure to be packed with a great atmosphere

Submitted: 2001-12-20

Rigger (more info)
Marsh Parade, Newcastle-Under-Lyme ST5 1BT (map)
Tel: 01782 616602

Admission: Free unless a band is on Daily -
Venue: Pub
Drinks: Average
Facilities: Has one of the best jukeboxes I have seen recently, mainly cos the staff take customers out on shopping sprees...(You what? 'The Ed')
Review: Excellent.....perhaps a little local & cliquey, but everyone is usually friendly...
Other: Gets quite studenty at times....and the local bands are usually heavy....

Submitted: 1999-04-01
Information supplied by DarkAngel AngelWerx

Sutherland Arms (more info)
Blackfriars Road, Newcastle-Under-Lyme ST5 2ED (map)
Tel: 01782 617830

Admission: -
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Industrial / Goth
Drinks: Average
Facilities: Dance floor, Pool Table, Various fruit machines

Submitted: June 1998
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net

The Holy Inadequate (more info)
5 Liverpool Road, Newcastle-Under-Lyme ST5 2AU (map)
Tel: 01782 625468

Admission: Free Daily Normal Pub Times -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Alternative
Drinks: Average
Facilities: Pool Table, Fruit Machines, Jukebox
Review: Nice little place, mostly based around the older rock tunes (AC/DC - ZZ Top type), friendly bar staff. Good atmosphere
Other: Cool art work and decor, but they've gone and taken the 'bike on the wall down :(

Submitted: September 1998
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net
Last update: May 1999

Nr Cannock
Live Bands @ The Bridge (more info)
High town hednesford, Nr Cannock

Admission: Free Friday 21:00 - 00:00
Venue: Pub
Music: AOR / Rock / Alternative / Classic Rock
Review: Usually packed

Submitted: 2003-03-26 19:58:07
Information supplied by phil white

Red Rose Theatre (more info)
, Rugeley
Tel: 01889 576281

Admission: Friday -
Venue: Nightclub / Venue
Music: Rock / Alternative
Review: Rock-Alternative Night Every Friday night. Live bands plus DJs playing Soulfly, Deftones, Korn, Incubus, ICP, Manson, Nirvana, Coal Chamber, Reef, Feeder, Garbage, 311, Prodigy, NOFX, Bosstones, No Doubt, Pantera, Green Day & more
Other: Fancy a gig? E-mail Paul if you're interested.

Submitted: July 1998
Last update: November 2000

Rock Night @ Tap & Spile (more info)
Peel Terrace, Stafford ST16 3HE (map)

Admission: Free 1st Saturday of the month 19:00 - 23:00
Venue: Pub
Music: Classic Rock / Rock
Facilities: General Pub things
Review: Biker friendly pub

Submitted: 2002-01-06
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net

Mystery & Paranoia @ The Nelson (more info)
31 Eastgate Street, Stafford ST16 2LZ (map)
Tel: 01785 223375

Admission: Free Friday & Saturday 8pm - 11pm
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Goth / Alternative
Drinks: Cheap / Average
Facilities: Small dance floor, fruit machines, pool table

Submitted: March 1999
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net
Last update: June 1999

Rock and Indie Night @ The Surgery (more info)
Crabbery Street, Stafford ST16 2BA (map)

Admission: Free Wednesday / Saturday & Alternate Fridays 23:00 - 01:30
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Alternative / Nu-Metal
Facilities: Dancefloor, DJbox, Toilets, Separate chilling room with large comfy chairs
Review: Small and smokey, a fun bouncy night
Other: Event held upstairs. Complete with DJ Fett

Submitted: 2001-12-11
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net

Underground Live Bands @ The Talbot Hotel (more info)
Church Street, Stoke

Admission: varies every day 12.00am - 02.00am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: / All Underground music
Facilities: Two floor venue with capacity for 300 per floor. Full bar, Pa on both floors
Review: Catering for all types of underground bands, the talbot has been described as having a friendly atmosphere
Other: Now taking booking for bands looking for gigs. Ask to speak to Meachelle the Promotions Manager

Submitted: 2004-07-05 19:15:16
Information supplied by Meachelle

The Highwayman (more info)
Out in the sticks, Near Cheadle, Threapwood ST10 4RB (map)
Tel: 01538 753388

Admission: Between 2.50 to 3.50 depending on times & membership Friday 21:30 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Everything
Drinks: Expensive
Facilities: Dancefloor, Pool Table, Fruit Machines, Snackbar, Many small rooms, Carpark, Cloak room
Review: Nice little place way out in the middle of no-where. Plays music from glam to metal, with a little industrial. Mostly the popular tunes, with a few oldies & classix. Good atmosphere
Other: Free membership once you've been signed in by a member. Members can sign in any amount of people Last friday of the months plays purely AOR & Classic Rock - great cheesy night

Submitted: 1998-03-27
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net
Last update: 1999-05-28


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