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Pubs and Clubs
Goth/Rock Night @ Evolution Bar (more info)
Elder Court, Saltergate, Chesterfield

Admission: FREE Thursday 19.30 - 23.00
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Goth / Alternative
Facilities: Upstairs bar, spacious seating, modern decor, friendly staff.
Review: New venue, with a variety of traditional gothic and rock music.If you wanna bring your own cd's along dj will be more than happy to play them.
Other: Live band every week, starting with The Realm (Well renowned Gothic band) on the 8th of July.Dropout night at Time nightclub till 2am after, just 100 yards away from Evolution.

Submitted: 2004-07-02 12:38:04
Information supplied by Evolution Bar

Green Room (more info)
, Chesterfield

Admission: 1 Saturday ? - Late
Venue: Pub (Late Bar)
Music: Rock / Alternative
Review: Its a jazz club most of the time but a few rockers hang out there during the day and soak up its ambiance.
Other: Sat it becomes a club, where if i remember rightly you have to pay 1 to go. Normally on the sat its very croweded. People are friendly, drinks aren't too pricey, not a bad place to go.

Submitted: 22nd of February 2001
Information supplied by idimmu

The X Factor @ The Green Room (more info)
, Chesterfield

Admission: 3 thursday 9pm - 2am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: AOR / Retro / Rock / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative / 80s and pop
Facilities: The club will be kitted out in full decor with various cool gadgets
Review: Alternative Party Night! Giveaways, Comps etc every week. Club hosts giving out drinks etc.
Other: Top south coast promoters/DJs come up north to bring you the best!!!

Submitted: 2004-02-15 13:13:54
Information supplied by Gazz The X Factor

Club Scream (more info)
, Derby

Admission: 1 NUS, 2 Thursday 22:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Nice big dance floor, pool table, toilets, nice bar
Review: To be p/c a very young venue, but pretty good once it got going (at about 11.30).
Other: Shit music till about 11.30, then played a mix of metal, goth, industrial, ska and punk, was a good mix though.

Submitted: 2001-07-27
Information supplied by d3mon

Monster Mosh @ Destiny & Elite (more info)
Colyear Street, Derby

Admission: 3 Thursday 21:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Goth / Alternative
Facilities: Cheap drink offers
Review: Cool and friendly atmosphere, loadsa new people to meet, good dance floor space and plenty of room to sit
Other: If you wanna bring your own cd's along dj rocky is pleased to play em for you, and weds 5th december there are 6 bands playing including occupational hazard, spoonfed, mine groovement, NminusTen, Shitaikane and Violate doors open at 5p and finishes at 2pm Tickets are 4 in advance 5 after

Submitted: 2001-12-01
Information supplied by Cerri Barton
Last update: 2002-03-19

Horse & Groom (more info)
48 Elm St, Derby DE1 3HN (map)

Admission: Free Frid/Sat 9.00pm -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock
Facilities: Great pub with a good stage and good acoustics Great BASS draught beer
Review: great rock/blues nights at weekend great watering hole in the week
Other: THE oldest BASS pub in Derbys West End Have had good bands on for years

Submitted: 2004-06-29 19:22:51
Information supplied by Mike Boe

Sergeant Peppers (more info)
7 Burton Road, Derby DE1 1TG (map)

Admission: Free -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock
Facilities: 2 rooms, friendly landlords
Review: fairly small, very friendly, crowded on saturday quieter in the week
Other: rock / alternative bands on every weekend and some on weekdays. rock DJ on every and saturday and sunday night

Submitted: April 2K

Sitwell Tavern (more info)
19-21 Sitwell Street, Derby DE1 2JT (map)

Admission: Free Daily Normal Pub times -
Venue: Pub
Music: Retro / Rock / AOR
Drinks: Average
Facilities: Fruit Machines, pool table, car park
Review: Very crowded at the weekend, quite a few bikers there. Friendly atmosphere

Submitted: 2000-04-01
Information supplied by Rabble Rabble
Last update: 2001-04-26

Gothic Night @ Sitwell Tavern (more info)
19-21 Sitwell Street, Derby DE1 2JT (map)

Admission: Wednesday (one night: 28/02/01) -
Venue: Pub
Music: Goth?
Facilities: Pool Table, 2 bars, Fruit Machines, Car park

Submitted: 23rd of February 2001
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net

Vampirica @ Supanova Nightclub (more info)
Babington Lane, Derby

Admission: 3 Saturday 10pm - 3am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Goth / Punk / Alternative / New Wave
Facilities: Everything you need in an alternative club.
Review: Chilled... shiney happy! people having fun.
Other: A true alternative night for all true alternative!

Submitted: 2003-07-13 22:05:25
Information supplied by the phreak

Con-Fusion @ The Future Club (more info)
35 Babington Lane, Derby DE1 1SX (map)
Tel: 01332 341154

Admission: 3 all night - Ladies free b4 11 Fridays 10pm - 2am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Alternative Dance / Punk / Underground Rock / Ska
Drinks: 50p a pint B4 11

Submitted: January 2K

The Whitehouse (more info)
Leopold St / Osmaston Road, Derby

Admission: Saturday -
Venue: Nightclub (American Theme Bar by day)
Music: Classic Rock / Goth

Submitted: 6th of February 2001
Information supplied by LazarusMateus

The Foundry @ Time (more info)
Mansfield Road, Derby

Admission: 3.50 Thursday 21:30 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Classic Rock

Submitted: 2001-06-07

Salvation @ Union 1 (more info)
Cathedral Road, Derby

Admission: 3 Saturday (till August 18th) 22:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Mini Skate Ramp(?!) Large dance floors, bars, toilets
Other: A kids night I'm sure... for the young at heart, don't forget to take your skate board

Submitted: 2001-07-27
Information supplied by d3mon

Victoria Inn (more info)
Midland Place (Opposite Railway Station), Derby DE1 2RR (map)
Tel: 01332 740091

Admission: Normal pub times -
Venue: Pub (Gig venue)
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk
Facilities: Large Lounge
Small Lounge
Back room has stage and standing area for bands
Review: Very PUNK!!! Wicked pub, good atmosphere, good beer...
Other: Live Music Venue 6 Nights a week

Submitted: 2001-02-14
Information supplied by Chris Brind Unholy

Matrix (more info)
, Ripley

Admission: 1 Wednesdays (starts oct) -
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: 2 rooms, balcony, lots of leather seats
Other: Up and coming much awaited classic & modern rock night! If this night is successful it may be moved to the weekend and we all know that none of us enjoy going to THAT other club in town and listening to their poor music!

Submitted: 2003-09-15 12:35:31
Information supplied by wayne

School Of Hard Knocks @ Out Of Town Inn (more info)
Butterley Hill, Ripley

Admission: 1 Wednesdays 19:30 - 23:00
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk
Facilities: This night is held in The Function room.
Review: Good, friendly atmosphere
Other: OPENING NIGHT 3RD APRIL 2002 DJ Coner plays the best metal, nu-metal and rock, mixed with a bit of punk and hardcore. Ages 14+ all welcome.

Submitted: 2002-03-17 12:19:42
Information supplied by Phil Marshall


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