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Pubs and Clubs
monthly rock/metal nite @ borough arms/ilkeston (more info)
msrket place-opp church, ilkeston

Admission: free 7-8 - 11-ish
Venue: Pub
Music: AOR / Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk
Review: gettin real popular wiv locals and regular heavy heads
Other: dj lookin 4 other venues/club exp

Submitted: 2004-11-09 17:03:52
Information supplied by dj nugget/punky malc

ROCK @ The Borough @ The Borough Arms (more info)
2 Bath St Ilkeston., ILKESTON

Admission: Free Last Saturday of every month 7.30 - 11.30
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Bar, Pool table, Fruit Machines
Review: Friendly atmosphere, busy, wide variety of rock music, attracts all ages and types!
Other: Rock night with two DJs

Submitted: 2004-05-13 21:32:01
Information supplied by Malc

Langley Mill
Potters Bar (more info)
51 Cromford Road, Langley Mill NG16 4EP (map)

Admission: Free -
Music: Rock
Facilities: Large Bar & function room, large stage plus lighting
Review: Friendly bar staff & good crowd of people, packed out on rock nights.

Submitted: 2003-08-31 17:19:28
Information supplied by Daz Hare potters

Live Rock Music @ The Roost Rock Music Venue (more info)
1 Granville Avenue, Longeaton NG10 4HA (map)

Admission: Thurs 2, Fri Free Thursday / Friday 20:00 - Thurs: Midnight Fri: 01:00
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative / Any Rock/Metal-Based except Oasis, Darkness or Limp Bizkit
Facilities: 3 Bars, Venue, Games/Sports Bar and lounge. Venue has Bar, Stage, Lights, PA, DJ, Dancefloor and seating. Sports Bar has, Playstation, Arcade machine, Rock/Metal Jukebox, Pool Table, Darts, etc. Lounge has comfy seats, games and on request, big screen cinema for terrestrial films.
Review: 3 Bars for 3 types of people. Venue is Medieval/Gothic Style for Live'n'Loud people, Sports bar is for relaxing and fun'n'games, and Lounge is for families and the older regulars to chill-out in, others welcome but space limited.
Other: This is a Rocker and Biker Pub/Venue, others will be tolerated and made welcome if they want to have fun and enjoy, so not to become a casulty

Submitted: 2005-01-19 17:03:46
Information supplied by Asa Powell The Roost Rock Music Venue

The Old Mill (more info)
, Mansfield

Admission: Sunday -
Venue: Pub (gigs)
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Nu-Metal
Facilities: Gigging stuff
Other: Gigs held with music between (Greenday, Limp Biscuit) ... info might not be too accurate - will try and find out more ...

Submitted: 2001-03-15

Spellbound @ Cookie Club (more info)
22 St James St, Nottingham NG1 6FH (map)
Tel: 0115 947 6136

Admission: 2 1st Tuesday of every month 11pm - 2am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Goth / New Romantic / 80's

Submitted: October 1999
Last update: July 2000

Hop Pole (more info)
High Street, Chilwell, Nottingham

Admission: Free Daily Normal Pub Times -
Venue: Pub
Music: Retro / Rock / Metal jukebox
Drinks: Average - And they serve ADDLESTONES (2.05 a pint)
Facilities: Rock Jukebox, pool table, fruit machines, Grassed Beer Garden, car park
Review: Not far from where I work, cheesy jukebox, pool table, Addlestones - could it get any better (apart from free drinks)

Submitted: September 1999
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net
Last update: October 2000

Junktion 7 (more info)
Canning Circus, Nottingham

Admission: -
Music: Metal / Industrial / Goth / Alternative
Facilities: excellent sound for a small venue
Review: Small, compact and cosy very modern

Submitted: 2003-04-07 21:59:28
Information supplied by DJ Freon

Wildside @ Junktion7 (more info)
Canning Circus, Nottingham NG73GE (map)

Admission: Usually 4 for bands, 3 after 11pm for clubnight 1st Saturday of the month 20:00 - 02:00
Venue: Gig Venue/Nightclub
Music: Retro / Rock / Punk / Alternative / Sleaze Glam Metal Glitter Punk
Other: The only true sleaze glam night in England!

Submitted: 2004-03-04 16:56:12
Information supplied by DJevAL Wildside
Last update: 2006-03-17

Frequency @ Obsessions (more info)
10 Thurland St, Hockley, Nottingham NG1 3DR (map)
Tel: 01159 417709

Admission: 1 Monday 21:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Alternative / Ska
Drinks: Average
Facilities: Large dance floor and stage
Review: Pretty large place, mostly playing new alternative stuff for the early parts fo the night, drifting on to a bit of cheese later

Submitted: 1999-09-01
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net
Last update: 2001-10-30

Pit & Pendulum (more info)
17 Victoria Street, Nottingham NG1 2EW (map)
Tel: 0115 9506383

Admission: Free Daily Evening -
Venue: Pub
Music: Goth
Facilities: Fruit Machines, Food, toilets (in a book case, you have to see it to believe it), upstairs and downstairs bar :)
Review: I reside in there every thursday, a quite querky place, nice relaxing environment, and amusing decore. Very nice cocktails, though would be better if they were bigger :)
Music is not that great, but it could be worse
Other: Downstairs has the best atmosphere and where you will find myself on thursday which can't be too bad, say hello i dont bite *grin*

Submitted: 2002-01-10
Information supplied by idimmu
Last update: 2002-10-23

Rock City (more info)
8 Talbot Street, Nottingham NG1 5GG (map)
Tel: 0115 941 2544. Info: 0115 950 0102

Admission: 3.50 B4 10, 4 after. Members: 3 B4 10, 3.50 after Saturday -
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Punk / Grunge / Metal / Nu Metal / Ska
Drinks: Expensive with some promotions
Facilities: 2 rooms, many bars, snackbar. Linked to The Rig on Saturdays
Review: Not as good as it used to be when they used to have Rock Hard on Friday nights, but I suppose it depends on what music you're into
Other: Free membership

Submitted: March 1997
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net
Last update: July 2000

Under 18's night @ Rock City (more info)
Talbot Street, Nottingham

Admission: 3 in advance, 4 on the doors Some sundays... 19:00 - 22:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Bar (But being an under 18's night only soft drinks are available) Two rooms of music when I DJ (Only one room when I don't) Chairs, plenty of space, dancefloor, stage in The Basement for bands.
Review: Annoying little kids running around calling themselves "Goths", drinking in the toilets, and claiming that Good Charlotte is the best band ever. Unless you go through into The Basement where I'll be DJing a mix of extreme metal and the heavier type music.
Other: Two rooms... One for punk, emo, and ska (The Rig) and another for Extreme/Metal (The basement)

Submitted: 2003-11-18 16:32:43
Information supplied by Mike DeadWinter Band Site

Heavy Metal Karaoke @ Salutation (more info)
Maid Marion Way, Nottingham NG1 (map)

Admission: free Friday 20:00 - 23:00
Venue: Pub
Music: AOR / Retro / Rock / Metal / Industrial / Punk / Alternative / whatever you want to sing
Facilities: It's heavy metal karaoke and there's a pool table, real ales and harmfully strong cider!
Review: Its the same as the heavy metal karaoke I used to do at the speakeasy except the beers drinkable and it isnt decorated like a gay bar
Other: At the end of Nov, The Sal (as we call it) will have an extended licence and is intended to become a full on rock bar. There will be hm karaoke on Fridays, alt/metal/rock VJ (thats video kids) on Saturdays and roy da boys legendary Speakeasy quiz at The Sal every Sunday (already started, get down there quiz kicks off at 9pm).

Submitted: 2005-10-18 14:31:12
Information supplied by roydaboy

The Wake @ Spiders (more info)
Pelham Street, Nottingham

Admission: 3.00 3rd Saturday of every month 21:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Goth / Alternative / DeathRock, Batcave
Other: Big Hair and Ripped up Fishnets a must at nottinghams only Old School Goth, DeathRock, Batcave & Alternative night

Submitted: 2003-12-11 20:03:22
Information supplied by PVCKitten The Wake

Tap & Tumbler (more info)
33 Wollaton Street, Nottingham NG1 5FW (map)
Tel: 0115 9413414

Admission: Free Daily Normal Pub Times -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Goth - all from Jukebox
Drinks: Average
Facilities: Jukebox, Fruit Machines, Arcade Games
Review: Normally VERY crowded, especially on Saturday nights, due to people going there before Rock City

Submitted: 1997-06-01
Information supplied by Shade The DARC Net
Last update: 2001-04-21

The Big Wednesday @ The Cookie Club (more info)
22 St James's St, Nottingham

Admission: 1 b4 11pm 2/2.50 after Wednesday 10.30pm - 2am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk
Facilities: 2 floors (the other plays Indie on Wednesdays) 2 bars, food bar and disabled toilet facilities.
Review: The Rock Metal night is new from Sept 2004 but the upstairs has usually been packed out and the atmosphere is top.
Other: A great venue for Students and Alternative types.

Submitted: 2004-09-13 19:58:53

The Newcastle Arms (more info)
North Sherwood St (2 mins from Vic centre bus station), Nottingham

Admission: Free Daily 11am - 11pm
Venue: Pub
Music: AOR / Retro / Rock / Alternative / All types
Drinks: Average (about 2 a pint)
Facilities: Good selection of tunes on jukebox from steps to rolling stones, to old rock classics
Review: Never too crowded, never any trouble/fighting
Other: Quality pub. been drinking there regularly for over a year now

Submitted: April 2000
Information supplied by Anon The IT Cybercafe

The Old Angel (more info)
7 Stoney Street, The Lace Market, Nottingham NG1 1LG (map)
Tel: 0115 950 2303

Admission: Free pub access - can cost for upstairs Daily Normal Pub Times -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk
Drinks: Average
Facilities: Jukebox with a good mix of rock / metal and punk tunes. More music and live bands upstairs on Fridays and Saturdays 10pm-2am - for entry free membership at the bar
Review: Friendly crowd - absolutely packed on a Saturday night! rooms downstairs - one for listening to the music, one for chilling out in = often to be found full of older people enjoying lunch and reading the paper
Other: Gorgeous cheap food - check out the spicy spirals with cheese
Just get your arse down there - you are missing out

Submitted: January 2000
Information supplied by Anon
Last update: December 2000

AGGRESSION DOWNLOAD @ The Old Angel (more info)
Stoney Street, Nottingham

Admission: 4 or 3.50 with NUS/FLYER Monthly - dates as advertised - Thursday 20th May '04 8pm - late
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Metal
Facilities: Freebies, Competitions, All requests welcome please e-mail:
Review: "A night dedicated to metal music you want to hear"
Other: We encourage all to have fun and get highly intoxicated

Submitted: 2004-05-06 18:59:03
Information supplied by Karina

The Rig (more info)
8a Talbot Street, Nottingham NG1 5GG (map)
Tel: 0115 950 6547. Info: 0115 959 9407

Admission: 3 B4 11, 4 After Thursday & Saturday -
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Depends on the night
Drinks: Expensive
Facilities: Dancefloor, snackbar
Review: Small and smokey, with new air conditioning. It's fun, friendly and bouncy
Other: Saturday: AOR / Classic Rock / Rock / Metal
Thursday: Damage Inc. - Metal Night - Beginning Thursday 2nd March 2K

Submitted: March 1997
Information supplied by Debbi
Last update: July 2000

Damage Inc @ The Rig (more info)
8a Talbot Street, Nottingham NG1 5GG (map)
Tel: 0115 950 6547. Info: 0115 959 9407

Admission: 2 b4 11pm, 3 after 1 Thursday a month 21:30 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: All round Metal
Drinks: Cheap deals
Facilities: Small dancefloor, plenty of seating
Review: Great metal night with DJs Shit Dan and Nasty Nick! The first hour brings you extreme metal
Other: Upcoming dates:


Check out the forum for news and requests @

Submitted: 2000-03-01
Information supplied by Shade Darc net
Last update: 2003-02-10

The Speakeasy (ex Fagins) (more info)
Goldsmith Street, Nottingham NG1 5JT (map)

Admission: Free Daily 11:00 - 23:00
Venue: Pub
Music: AOR / Retro / Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Fagins returns after 5 years as a poncy student bar Dj Roy the Boy can be found every Friday And Sunday night (Rock `n` Quiz nite) food available discount on beer all day and all night on production of nus or rock city membership card Non dj nights mtv2 or jukebox acoustic nights every tuesday
Review: It`s Fagins Dude Nuff Said!!!!!!
Other: I'm home at last

Submitted: 2001-11-30
Information supplied by Roy the Boy

Sutton in Ashfield
New Cross (more info)
, Sutton in Ashfield

Admission: Saturday Night -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative
Review: Just started, needs some more interest to get it going well but could be great

Submitted: 4th January 2000
Information supplied by Shmoo

Festival Inn (more info)
Ilkeston Road, Trowell

Admission: 3.50 Saturday 19:30 - 23:30
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock 'n' Roll
Facilities: Nice clean roomy, lots of seats.
Review: Out of this world
Other: Great bar, safe. Promotions on beer, good cold beer.

Submitted: 2002-03-13 17:03:44
Information supplied by Frank Oldies but Goodies

Frog and Nightgown (more info)
Carlton Road, Worksop

Admission: -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Main bar upstairs, downstairs is a room where the bands play. Just been taken over by management from the Dove and Rainbow in Sheffield, Expect big things!!!

Submitted: 2004-05-05 13:20:26
Information supplied by Rob

Frog & Nightgown (more info)
30 Carlton Road, Worksop s80 1PH (map)

Admission: -
Venue: Pub
Music: Retro / Rock / Metal / Goth / Punk / Alternative

Submitted: 2003-08-06 22:12:29
Information supplied by Big Dave


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