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Pubs and Clubs
Alternative @ Club New York (more info)
Dyke Road , Brighton

Admission: 1/2/3 Monday 22:30 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Goth / Punk / Alternative / Indie Cheese
Facilities: toilets(no locks),bar,fag machine
Review: A Small fun club with a friendly atmosphere. The Djs promise to play as many requests as poss.
Other: Cds will be played if brought in by peeps

Submitted: 2002-11-01 14:59:05
Information supplied by babylux

Jezebel @ Crash (more info)
London Road, Brighton BN1 1A (map)

Admission: 4 for members Fridays 22:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Retro / Rock / Metal / Industrial / Punk / Alternative / Eighties
Facilities: Drink Promos, loud Music, Live acts, Fit Blokes and sassy ladies
Review: Dark and Dingy, Big old Barn of a place always rammed and a good place to pull

Submitted: 2003-11-24 12:20:22
Information supplied by Lucy Fur

Engine Room (more info)
1 Preston Street, Brighton BN1 2HX (map)

Admission: -
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Fascilities for Live bands/Entertainments
Review: Seedy, Underground, Vaultesque environment
Other: Cheap drink promos, Free membership, 24/7 alternative venue, Live bands, sexy staff and mayhem

Submitted: 2004-11-04 22:24:29
Information supplied by Engine room

Nightshade @ Harlequin (more info)
43, Providemce Place. , Brighton bn2 4en (map)

Admission: 2/3 Wednesdays 22:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative / ebm
Facilities: Two floors, comfortable venue and friedly door and bar staff.
Review: Friendly atmosphere , on the edge alternative gothic tunes.
Other: Runs fortnightly on the first and third Wednesday of the month.

Submitted: 2003-10-17 16:33:28
Information supplied by Jaz Nightshade

Lowlife @ Jazz Place (more info)
10 Ship Street (below Smugglers Bar in the Lanes), Brighton

Admission: 3 (2.50 concessions) or 2 before 11pm 1st Thursday of the month 10pm - 2am
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Goth / Industrial
Drinks: Carlsberg 1.50
Facilities: Bar, floor, ceiling, walls, seats, goths

Submitted: 19th of January 2001
Information supplied by Richard Mallender Lowlife

The Pit @ Pavillion tavern (more info)
nr hanningtons building/old steine, Brighton

Admission: 3 every weds 22:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial
Facilities: bar, seating, toilets

Submitted: 2002-04-21 18:57:49
Information supplied by charlotte

Deadly Nightshade @ Pressure Point (more info)
33 Richmond Place, Brighton

Admission: 5/ 3.50 before 11pm Friday Monthly - see website for details 22:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Industrial / Goth / Alternative / Ebm
Facilities: Bar, Cloakroom (no pun intended!) & Toilets.
Review: Deadly Nightshade is one of the biggest goth nights in the south. Lively, fun & decadent. Varied playlists that keep you dancing for hours... best thing since sliced Slimelight!
Other: Drinks: 3.00 for alcopops, 2.90 Cider/Red Stripe, 1.80 J20. Keep an eye out for Vampire Drinks promotions in 2005.

Submitted: 2005-02-01 08:39:14
Information supplied by Binkey Lux

Syndrome @ The Gloucester (more info)
London Road, Brighton

Admission: Free entry with flyer Tuesday 22:00 - 02:00
Venue: Nightclub
Music: Rock / Metal / Industrial / Goth / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Mulitple bars and wicked shots!
Review: Excellent! The nicest people in brighton not a trendy nor a townie in sight!

Submitted: 2001-09-17
Information supplied by Pure_Morning

Carlisle (more info)
On the Seafront, Hastings

Admission: Free Friday, Saturday, Bank Holidays Normal Pub Times -
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Metal / Punk / Alternative
Facilities: Bogs, Bar, seats/tables (some), Pool, Darts, plenty bikes
Review: Depends on the mood of the locals
Other: Great on May Bank Monday, Plenty bikes, free music, great music (sometimes)

Submitted: 2001-03-14
Information supplied by Wench

Blood Lust @ The Tubman (more info)
Cambridge road, Hastings

Admission: N/A Tuesdays 20:00 - 23:00
Venue: Pub
Music: Metal / Industrial / Goth / Alternative
Facilities: Cheap Bar, Pool table
Review: There is a good alternative atmosphere, and loads of really great people. The enphasis is on Vampire goth so there is the chance to come and talk to other people interested in the Goth scene.

Submitted: 2002-10-21 15:36:15
Information supplied by SINcerety Productions

Portland Rock Bar (more info)
153 Portland Road, Hove BN3 5QJ (map)

Admission: 2 - 4 Wednesday (not all), Friday, Saturday 20:00 - 23:00
Venue: Pub
Music: Rock / Alternative / Indie
Facilities: Pool table, large bar, 2nd locals and chill bar, pool tables (if not packed) & fruit machine
Review: Large venue with lots of places to lean and listen, and some seats right alongside the speakers. There are also a couple of comfy sofa's where you can still listen but also talk to people. A good variety of beers, plus ubiquitous range of alcopops and soft drinks are served by the friendly bar staff
Other: Check the schedule of events before turning up - the venue also does Jazz and Blues nights

Submitted: 2001-08-29
Information supplied by Nigel J. Pullen Seaeagles Roost


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